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“Banat” to Premiere at the Venice Film Festival's International Film Critics’ Week

The film, written and directed by the Lab's fourth edition alumnus, Adriano Valerio, was shot while Valerio was still working with the Lab and his script editor, Israeli writer-director Avi Nesher.


Earlier this month Valerio arrived to Jerusalem with his producer Emanuele Nespeca and presented a scene from the film in front of the Lab's jury and decision makersNow it has been selected to compete in the International Film Critics’ Week section of the Venice Film Festival.


The inclusion of a Lab developed film into the Venice's program is another one in a line of similar showcases for the Lab's films in leading festivals, including Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance and Pusan.


Valerio (left) and Nespeca (right) at the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab's Pitching Event (10.07.2015)


The story:

Ivo (35) and Clara (30) come from the same city, Bari, a place that is caught in relentless economic crisis.

Ivo is an agronomist, and a lack of opportunities in Italy pushes him to accept a job offer in Banat, a fertile region of Romania. Clara has just come out of a long relationship and is about to lose her job at the Bari harbor.

Ivo and Clara meet by chance and seem to immediately understand one another, having found themselves at similar points in their lives. They spend only one night together before Ivo’s departure, but it’s enough to create a strong bond between them and leave them with the desire to meet again when Clara unexpectedly decides to visit him in Romania they quickly fall in love.
But is this exile actually their only way to happiness?

Congratulations and good luck!


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