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Lab developed "Son of Saul" WINS Golden Globes; nominated for the Oscars

After premiering at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival to raving reviews and receiving the Grand Prix award, Son of Saul, written and directed by László Nemes and developed at The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab, won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Feature.


On Sunday the 11th of January, acclaimed actors Helen Mirren and Gerard Butler went on stage to introduce the five nominees in the Best Foreign Language Motion Picture category. "I'm so pleased to say this, because it's the first time this country, I believe, has ever won a Golden Globe, it's really great. It's the Son of Saul, Hungary", said Mirren, prompting director László Nemes to the stage.


Watch Nemes' acceptance speech:



From the Golden Globes website:

"[...] Son of Saul is a film at its most raw form. Nemes does not romanticize or paint a pretty picture, instead removing any sense of light and color and providing almost no music to manipulate our feelings. The film is shot in a rigorous and claustrophibic quasi-POV, which puts the viewer in the middle of the camp and builds a mounting sense of dread. Nemes lets what are some very graphic images speak for themselves. As hopeless as the setting is, even in the throws of great tragedy, there can be a beacon of courage and faith."


In addition to this incredible honor, the film is officially nominated for the Oscar Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Son of Saul is one of only 5 films selected from the original 80 international submissions.

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