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"I Dream in Another Language" was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival

I Dream in Another Language, developed during the lab's 1st edition and written and directed by Ernesto Contreras, was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival.


The Story:

Robert is a linguist, concerned with preserving dying languages. He has a successful life and relationship with Karen, the wealthy architect he’s engaged to marry.

His work takes him to Mexico to save the indigenous language “Zikril,” whose only two remaining speakers, Evaristo and Isauro, refuse to communicate due to a 50-year- old feud over a woman.
Zitle, Evaristo’s granddaughter, offers to help Robert reunite the two old men since she knows the true reason for the quarrel: they are in love with each other. After much struggle, Robert and Zitle reunite the two old men—while they themselves fall in love. Torn, Robert finally promises Zitle he will stay with her in the village. When Karen learns that Robert is cancelling the wedding, she convinces him that he is living in a dream and must wake up. After Robert’s departure, Evaristo, Isauro and Zitle die of disappointment. The Zikril language dies with them.

In New York, a very unhappy Robert still dreams of returning to his true love.

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