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“Red Cow” will be at the 2018 Berlinale

Developed at the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab, 2012, the feature film "Red Cow" will be screening at the upcoming Berlin International Film Festival. Written and directed by School graduate Tsivia Barkai, the 90 min feature is a coming of age film.

Tsivia Barkai: The "Red Cow" chose me even before I chose it, and it forced me to confront my greatest demons. Through it, I understood this film and the Red Heifer's commandment, which symbolizes Israel's redemption in its land, and the quest to purify the impure, whether you need to be cleansed and how. In short, we can say that there is an obvious hierarchy. The heroine of the film depicts the difficulty of the "other" against the nationalist homogeneous ideology, but offers liberation. The Red Cow, contrary to the commandment, offers a completely different redemption from the freeing of the blood and soil.

Barkai's graduation film "Vika" also screened at Berlinale Generations. "Red Cow"

"A story told in pictures as powerful as the stormy yearnings of its heroine."

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“Red Cow” by alumna Tzivia Yaakov Barkai to screen at 2018 Berlinale
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