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The Sam Spiegel International Film Lab Announced its Force-of-Nature Filmmaking Award to Dieter Kosslick

Challenging its achievements so far, the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab (Son of Saul, The Kindergarten Teacher, and Red Cow premiered in Berlin 2018) will grant the Force-of-Nature Filmmaking Award, a new annual award for a cultural master-builder who changed the infrastructure of world cinema.


The 2018 first honoree will be the longtime Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick, for changing the infrastructure of German cinema via the triangle: the NRW Fund, the International Film School Cologne, empowering the Berlinale - thus changing world cinema. His groundbreaking canvas includes initiatives such as the first pan-European distribution fund and Berlinale Talents, and more. Kosslick inspired the establishment of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund in 2008.

The presentation of this award will open the 4-day pinnacle launching pad held on July 5 - 8, 2018 in Jerusalem, independently from the Jerusalem Film Festival for the first time since the Lab's establishment in 2011.


In 2018, the Lab will introduce the new Sam Spiegel Work in Progress Platform - with new monies - open to films by the Lab's international and local alumni, as well as the alumni of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School. The Lab will showcase annually 6 films in post-production that will be eligible for two cash prizes totaling $50,000- the $25,000 ARP Sélection Award, and the $25,000 Sam Spiegel Foundation Award.


The Lab is the brainchild of the Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School, run on a shoestring budget of 285,000 euro. Supporters: the Beracha Foundation, the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, the Sam Spiegel Foundation, ARP Selection France, the Jerusalem Foundation and the Israel Film Fund.


Renen Schorr, Founding Director: "We definitely will continue to provoke our 75% success ratio - while brainstorming our first manifesto in the making (attached) which will be open to discussion in the composition of the intimacy of directors, producers, stellar juries, top decision makers - and Dieter Kosslick. We are all talents, talents to be empowered and to empower. We believe in shattering stereotypes".
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