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Renen Schorr - Founding Director


Renen Schorr has been a key figure in the Israeli film arena since the late 70’s as a film director, educator and Israeli film activist. 
Nearly two decades ago, Schorr founded the internationally acclaimed Sam Spiegel Film & Television School, Jerusalem and has been its director ever since.


Under his leadership, the school has become a catalyst in the renaissance of Israeli cinema, winning the world’s Best Film School Award 16 times, and boasting some 175 retrospectives in such international film festivals and museums as MoMA (1996) and Berlin (2004).


Schorr was chosen by his colleagues as President of GEECT, the association of 70 European film schools (2000-2004) and led to the entry of Israel to the European Film Academy.

Schorr has pioneered major developments in the Israeli public film funds as one of the three initiators and founders of The Israel Film Fund (1978) and the initiator of the New Fund for Film & Television (NFCT, 1993). In 2008, Schorr created The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, serving as its first chairman. In that year he also initiated the opening of two new cinematheques south and north of Tel Aviv – in Holon and Herzliya.


Schorr is a director-producer whose critically acclaimed full-length feature Late Summer Blues (1987), won the Israeli Academy Award for Best Film of the Year and became one of the most successful Israeli cult movies of all times. He was the executive producer of the award-winning films Miss Entebbe (Berlin Festival 2003), James’ Journey to Jerusalem (Cannes, 2003) and the award- winning television series, Voices from The Heartland (2001-2003).


His second feature-length film as a director, The Loners, (2010) was nominated for 11 Israeli academy awards. It won the best actor award and participated in numerous international film festivals.


In 2013 he curated and produced the 90 minute compilation film, Footsteps in Jerusalem, which screened in 50 locations around the world and was named one of the 10 influential films of the year by the MoMA. 


 Ifat Tubi - Associate Director 


Born in 1974, Ifat Tubi is a graduate of Tel Aviv University, where she majored in Social Science and Communication Studies.

Between 2004 and 2011, Tubi was the director of the International Relations & Resource Development Department at the Cameri Theatre, the municipal theatre of Tel Aviv and the biggest theatre in Israel. 


She had an overall responsibility for the theatre’s foreign relations, including company touring and guest performances.


During her work at the Cameri, Tubi produced the Tel Aviv International Theatre Festival, the first International theatre festival in the country, hosting major theatre companies from all around the world.


Together with her work at the theatre, she produced the annual event organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hanoch Levin Institute of Israeli Drama, IsraDrama 2007 and IsraDrama 2008 – which brought Israeli drama to hundreds major theatres and festivals.


Since November 2011, she has been the Associate Director of the Jerusalem International Film Lab.

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"Decompression" by Yona Rozenkier won $50,000 at the Lab's closing events
The 2018 Lab Dates: 3-10.12.2017, 20-25.03.2018
"I Dream in Another Language" was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival
"Decompression" was selected to the Cannes Film Festival L’Atelier
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