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Na’ama Barash is seventeen.

She lives in the dreamscape of suburbia, and she is bored to death.

With detached parents and a rebellious older sister who has developed the habit of disappearing from time to time and creating family crises, Na’ama’s life at home is quite a mess.

But, when a new girl appears at school with a new haircut, it all changes.

She becomes close friends with the new girl, who introduces Na’ama to an exciting world of drugs, lesbians and forbidden sex. Na’ama’s thrilled. Her life, for the first time, has become exciting. But is it going to last?


Barash is a coming-of-age story, planted in the heart of Israeli society, telling the story of a young woman struggling to find her self-identity in an environment of different ideas about sex, drugs and love. This is her chance to explore what is genuine and what matters in a world where, for her, daily routine is just another form of a death sentence.


Barash received a special mention at the 2012 Jerusalem International Film Lab, and premiered at the 2015 San Sebastian International Film Festival.


This project is a released/to be released project.

 Writer & Director: Michal Vinik
 Producers: Amir Harel & Ayelet Kait (Contact Info)
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