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Mr. Kaplan

Jacob Kaplan lives an ordinary life. Nothing differentiates him from his other Jewish friends who fled Europe to South America because of WWII. But turning 70 has had a strange effect on him: he refuses to accept he is getting old. Grumpy, fed up with the new rabbi, his community and his family’s lack of interest in its own heritage, he embarks on an unusual and quixotic project: to capture a quiet, elderly German man, the owner of a run-down beach restaurant, whom Jacob is convinced is a runaway Nazi.


Ignoring his family’s concerns about his health condition, Jacob secretly recruits the help of Contreras, a more loyal than honest former police officer. Together, they will try to emulate the historic case of Adolf Eichmann’s capture, to unmask and kidnap the German man and spirit him away to Israel.

In doing so, Jacob hopes to recover his family’s pride, dignity and prestige in the community.

His journey triggers a number of curious situations, characters and events that culminate in a startling, unexpected conclusion.


The film has been selected as Urugauy's official selection to compete at the 2015 Academy Awards and was screened in several festivals, including Pusan and Chicago.


This project is released/to be released project.

 Writer & Director: Alvaro Brechner
 Producer: Mariana Secco (Contact Info)
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