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We Are Young, We Are Strong

The film focuses upon three characters involved in the xenophobic race riots of Rostock-Lichtenhagen, Germany, that culminated in the catastrophic “Night of the Fire” on August 24, 1992.


Lien is a Vietnamese woman who has found her home in Germany. But at the end of this day, she will fight for her life, reconsidering if Germany could ever be home for her. Stefan and his friends are part of the last nights’ violent turmoil. Young, angry, and bored during daytime, they await the nightly riots against police and foreigners. Unable to cope with the grief over a lost friend, Stefan gets lost in a circle of violence.


Stefan’s father Martin, an ambitious local politician, is trapped in a dilemma: will he advance his career or will he stand up for his ideals and take responsibility, also for his son?


These people’s stories create a dark community of fate, touching and influencing each other’s lives, representing different parts of a society that drove head-on into a wall on this summer night. Each person has an individual quest: a place to call home, a new or different life, an old, lost dream.


The film premiered at the 2014 Rome Film Festival.


This project is released/to be released project.

 Co-Writer & Director: Burhan Qurbani
 Co-Writer: Martin Behnke
 Producers: Leif Alexis & Jochen Laube (Contact Info)
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