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Yael is the daughter of the distinguished Rabbi Pearlman. She is desperately in love with her husband Avishai, but in their year of marriage, they haven’t had sexual intercourse. When she discovers another man in his life, Avishai admits being gay and asks her forgiveness. Yael, determined at all costs to become a mother and not a divorcee, asks Avishai only to stop seeing his lover Nadav.


But even avoiding Nadav does not make Avishai attracted to Yael. When the rabbi has a heart attack, Yael is more determined to give him the grandchild she knows he desires most.

Yael breaks every rule she grew up on, and brings Nadav into their house. His presence helps Avishai have sex with her, and they live in a threesome until she conceives.


Yael’s dream to become pregnant comes true. But her husband falls deeper in love with the man she invited home. Worse, she learns that her father knew Avishai’s secret when he made their match...


Clay won the Jerusalem Film Fund grant at the 2012 Jerusalem International Film Lab.


This project is in advanced development.

 Writer & Director: Chaim Elbaum
 Producers: Haim & Estee Mecklberg (Contact Info)
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