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The Death of Black Horses

Mirza is doctor in a Kurdish village in Ottoman Empire in 1914. The war was close at hand and issues of hunger, poverty, epidemics and public order caused great discontent among the people.


Mirza’s family learns that their son, Hamit, has been shot and imprisoned in a remote city. The family decides to send him and other 2 brothers.


Along the way, the dangers of army deserters, exiles and thieves, buried family secrets emerge. As they travel, the brothers reveal to each other their dark sides.


When they reach the city, the brothers learn that Hamit had escaped from prison. Mirza is arrested and imprisoned by Ottoman soldiers for a reason. The Empire plans to exile the entire Armenian population outside the imperial territory. However, due to a shortage of soldiers, prisoners are enrolled to facilitate their transport. The only way for him to get out of the prison is to enroll.


Mirza and the soldiers are evacuating an Armenian village, they encounter rebels. After a long fight he recognizes Hamit’s dead body among the pile of corpses.
Mirza goes back to his village. He tells his mother that Hamit is well and will return home soon.


This project is in production.

 Writer & Director: Ferit Karahan
 Co-Writer: Gülistan Acet
 Producer: Gabriele Oricchio


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"Decompression" by Yona Rozenkier won $50,000 at the Lab's closing events
The 2018 Lab Dates: 3-10.12.2017, 20-25.03.2018
"I Dream in Another Language" was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival
"Decompression" was selected to the Cannes Film Festival L’Atelier
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