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Itamar Alcalay


Graduate of the Beit Berl School of Arts.


Itamar directed two documentary films: Stefan Brown (2008, screened on the Sundance Channel) and Four Years of a Night (2012).


He wrote a script for a dramatic thriller called Cascade of Glass which he also plans to direct. The script received two grants " 24/7 Berlin" of the Berlin-Bradenburg Foundation and the Berlin-based Nipkow Foundation and is supported by Berlin-Bradenburg Foundation and the Israeli Film Fund.

Itamar also created and directed two documentary series for Israeli television channels: Dance with Tears in My Eyes (2009) and The Southern Sea (2012).

He is currently working on a new series named Implanted Identity, which follows a team that joins destructive cults undercover to find evidence of psychological and sexual abuse.


Dark Room will be Itamar's first feature film.


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"Decompression" by Yona Rozenkier won $50,000 at the Lab's closing events
The 2017 Lab Dates: 11-18.12.2016, 19-24.3.2017, 12-16.07.2017
"I Dream in Another Language" was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival
"Decompression" was selected to the Cannes Film Festival L’Atelier
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