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Ben, 35, an unemployed new father in an unstable marriage, arrives to his native kibbutz in the north of Israel, to help his mother move into a retirement home. However, his plans are about to change after his drunken old father Albert, who was always the village fool, bets in front of half the kibbutz members, that he would drive, on a tractor, all the way south- to Eilat.
Ben, who is troubled by his relationship, refuses to join his father's idiotic journey, but after Albert's sugar level dangerously drops, he reluctantly joins him.

On board of the old "Massey Ferguson" tractor, they will cross the entire state of Israel: from the Galilean Highlands, through the Occupied territories and the desert- to Eilat. On their way, they will meet Naomi, a young woman who ran away from a psychiatric hospital, and they will search for the root of their problematic relationship -Uri –Albert's illegitimate son who grew up also in the kibbutz, and was a constant reminder for Albert's difficult character.
During the journey, Ben will have to choose what the future of his marriage will be; He will try to convince his ill father, who ignores his condition, to start dialysis urgently and he will have to decide whether he would help his father accomplish, for the first time, something bigger than life.

This is a simple, funny yet sad story, about a father and his son, about farewell and about times that were, and that will never return.


This project is in Advanced Development.

 Writer & Director: Yona Rozenkier
 Producer: Kobi Mizrahi


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