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The Lab's Obligations

1. The Film Lab will work towards the betterment and the advancement of the selected projects, assisted by first-class international script editors, within a seven-month work process.


2. The Film Lab will accompany the selected participants and assist them in the process of preparation towards the presentation of the films before a panel of judges of the Film Lab, within the framework of the Jerusalem International Film Festival.


3. The Film Lab will work towards the betterment and the advancement of the feasibility of production for the selected projects, via the awarding of production grants.


4. Throughout the entire duration of the Jerusalem-based activities, the Film Lab will fully host the Film Lab participants from across the world and from Israel, and will provide local transportation, lodging and board (breakfast and lunch: full meals; dinner: partial meal). 


5. Throughout the period of activities in Jerusalem, the Film Lab will make suitable workspaces available for use by the participants and the editors.


6. The Film Lab will act to maintain ongoing contact between the participants and the script editors during the non-Jerusalem based work periods.


7. The Film Lab will publicize its activities and that of its participants within the international trade media, amongst international film funds, at pitching events throughout the world, and more. At the closing ceremony, the Film Lab will produce a "Book of Projects" featuring the participants and their projects.


8. The Film Lab will act to advance the projects towards preparing the scripts for additional pitching stages in international festivals.


9. The Film Lab shall retain no rights whatsoever to the scripts which it develops. However, the participant will be obligated to award proper credit to the Film Lab, as further stipulated.

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