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Registration for the 8th edition will open on January 2018

  • At the first stage, the selection committees will review all of the applications.
  • 15 to 20 of the projects chosen by the selection committee will receive notice no later than begining of August 2016 that they have passed entry to the second stage.
  • Those who enter the second stage are required to provide a full-length script in English, according to the submission regulations detailed further (within ten days of notice). ‎
  • Those who enter the third stage will be invited to a personal interview with the selection committee via Skype, during the month of September, 2017.
  • Candidates will receive final answers no later than late September, 2017.

From the moment the acceptance notice has been received, the participant will provide an additional version of the script in English no later than November 1st, 2017. This version will be remitted to the script-editor designated to the project prior to the opening of the Film Lab.


Participation fee of 1,000 Euro from each participating project, will be collected. Scholarships are available upon merits. 


The Film Lab will arrange the matching between the participant and the designated scripts-editor



The registration to the Sam Spiegel International Fillm Lab is conducted online. Prior to filling out the online forms, please:


- Read all Lab Obligations

- Read all Participant Obligations

- Prepare the following documents to be uploaded (in PDF format only!):


  1. Driector's Curriculum Vitae (up to 2 pages)

  2. Director's Note (your vision on the film, up to 1 page)

  3. Premise (up to 5 lines)

  4. Character List (up to 1 page)

  5. Detailed Synopsis (10 pages)

  6. A link to one previous work directed by the applicant (a full length feature film/short

      film/television drama/documentary film/episode from a television series)

  7. In the event that the story upon which the script is based is not original, it is required to

      attach a document approving the use of the original composition

  8. An appendix of production, including details on the producer and/or production company

      and/or funding (if existing) and an outline of the film's budget (up to 2 pages)

  9. High quality portrait photo of applicant


After you have read all the guidelines and have prepared the requested documents, please fill out our online registration form.


Good luck!



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Registration for Lab's 8th edition opens on January 2018
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