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Burhan Qurbani


Burhan was born in Germany in 1980, where his parents had found asylum as political refugees from Afghanistan.


In 2002, he began his film studies at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.


His short film Illusion won numerous awards, including the 2008 German Film Critics Prize.

Shahada (2010), his first full-length feature film, participated in the main competition of the Berlin Film Festival. The film captured several prizes in various festivals, including Berlin (the German Arthouse Theatres Prize), Chicago, Potsdam, Ghent and more.


We Are Young, We Are Strong will be Qurbani's second feature film.

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"Decompression" by Yona Rozenkier won $50,000 at the Lab's closing events
The 2017 Lab Dates: 11-18.12.2016, 19-24.3.2017, 12-16.07.2017
"I Dream in Another Language" was accepted to the Sundance Film Festival
"Decompression" was selected to the Cannes Film Festival L’Atelier
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